Your Safety Should Be Your #1 Priority, The Safety Of Your Family & Loved ones Should Also Be A Priority.

Do You Know It Takes Over 30min For Security Guards To Respond To Your Call For Help.

While It Takes Only 5 to 10 minutes For A Successful Robbery Or Attack To Take Place.

We Can't Leave Our Safety In The Hands Of A System/ People Who Care More For Money & Less About Our Lives & Property... That is Why This Device Was Created For Our Safety And The Safety Of Our Loved Ones.


The 2in1 Safety Hand Stun Gun & Flashlight

Here's How It Works...

What Can A Stun Gun Do To An Intruder:

The Stun Gun Passes Over 200,000 Volts Of Electricity To The Attackers Body, Thereby:

When a stun gun is activated (usually by pulling a trigger), electricity passes between two metal prongs at the end of the weapon. A painful shock is delivered when these electrified prongs touch the target. The shock can stun and perhaps even incapacitate the target briefly.

What are the effects of a stun gun?

While effects of the Stun Gun do not cause serious injury, they are effective and will bring the attacker an extreme amount of discomfort and pain. In a nut shell, the stun gun sends a shock wave to the nervous system and essentially over works the muscles. This causes severe pain Bringing The Attacker To His Kneels In Some Case Making The Attacker Pass Out/Faint.

This Device Has Two (2) Main Funtion

1. The Led Light Function

2. The Stun Gun/Shocker Funtion

1). The LED Light: This device was designed in such a way that it is very easy & portable to carry around. It can be used as a night light to show us our way without anyone even suspecting that it has a second and mightier function.

2) The Shock Function: This product is an ideal defensive contact instrument. The effect of the shock will cause muscle spasms, fear, can also cause collapse and fainting.
The attacker will have loss of orientation and even loss of will in pursuing his criminal intent. The sound alone it produces when you hit the shock button is enough to scare the attacker away.

Pepper Spray Also Available For Defense

Pepper Spray Are Targeted Directly at The Attacker Eyes/Face, The Cause Irritation, Burns, Itching, Redness, Watery Eyes, Difficulties opening eyes And Sensitivity To Light, Giving You Time To Call For Help Or Get To Safety



THE USA Pepper Spray = N8,500


THE 2in1 STUN GUN PLUS PEPPER SPRAY = N18,500(Get Free Delivery For Lagos)