Sealing Machine  

& The Exfoliating Foot Mask

Are You Looking For An Easy Professional Packaging Sealer Machine... To Help You Present Your Goods, Document, Parcel In A professional Order...

Exfoliating Foot Mask

✅Get Rid of Strong And Heavy Feet Permanently With The All Natural Exfoliating Foot Mask.

✅Get Rid Of Dead Tissue From The Feet.
✅Get Silky Soft Feet & Get comfy With your feet

This Portable Mini Heat Sealing Machine will help you keep your food and snacks fresh & Safe.

Portable Sealing Machine & Exfoliating Feet Mask

How To Use The Sealing Machine

What Are The Prices?
1 Pack Of The Sealing Machine = N6,500
2 Packs N10,500
1 Pack Of The Exfoliating Foot Mask: N5,500
Combo Deal
Get 1 Pack Of The Foot Mask Plus 1 Pack Of The Sealing Machine For N8,500 Save N3,500 And Get Free Delivery For Lagos Only