Sealing Machine  

& The Exfoliating Foot Mask

Are You Looking For An Easy Professional Packaging Sealer Machine... To Help You Present Your Goods, Document, Parcel In A professional Order...

Exfoliating Foot Mask

βœ…Get Rid of Strong And Heavy Feet Permanently With The All Natural Exfoliating Foot Mask.

βœ…Get Rid Of Dead Tissue From The Feet.
βœ…Get Silky Soft Feet & Get comfy With your feet

This Portable Mini Heat Sealing Machine will help you keep your food and snacks fresh & Safe.

Portable Sealing Machine & Exfoliating Feet Mask

How To Use The Sealing Machine

What Are The Prices?
1 Pack Of The Sealing Machine = N6,500
2 Packs N10,500
1 Pack Of The Exfoliating Foot Mask: N5,500
Combo Deal
Get 1 Pack Of The Foot Mask Plus 1 Pack Of The Sealing Machine For N8,500 Save N3,500 And Get Free Delivery For Lagos Only