The ALL in ONE Face  Solution

Face Treatment STEP 1

Apply a Thick layer of the black mask(Avoid Eyebrows & Hair Edges)

Applying masks to your skin and allowing it to dry tightens the pores and reduces the size of Enlarged pores.

Using a black peel-off mask can work wonders for your skin because it absorbs the oil from your face, tightens the skin as it dries, and gives it a healthy glow.

Apply evenly to close up Facial Pores & Heal texture.



?To Get the Complete Facial Formula? Of:
? Black Off Mask ?=  N5,500✅ Save N4,000.
ALL In ONE Black? Mask? = N5,500

"This product is NOT just KNOWN to NAFDAC, it also has International APPROVAL by FDA, CHS, and HALAL so you can use it without fear! 

900 Reviews ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Susan L.

6/17/2021 Verified purchase

My skin is definitely more stable now, no more bad breakouts, I can feel my skin get smoother and brighter, no more bumps that I could feel previously when washing my face. I stop breaking out as often. I am really grateful that The Black off cleansing mask can work so amazingly, as previously I needed like ridiculously 10 steps of routine, I am getting lazier to even apply toner and other facial products right now. Recently, I started using Black off Mask, surprisingly, it doesn't cause any breakouts (relieved). But on and off, I will still skip toner as I am lazy, just black off in the AM and another in the PM.

I am really happy with Black off Mask, but I am still hoping it help to lighten the red marks and scars left from my bad breakouts. Overall, I am really satisfied with the results. My skin is definitely getting better, although it is still far from my expectation, but I believe by using it consistently, I can achieve the result I wanted.

Amarachi O.

6/16/2021Verified purchase

Black Off Skin care is the one I’ve been waiting for so long. Mask works miraculously to my face. It helps alleviate the unwanted rashes that I usually have during Hot Weather. I just started using decalt and I see some changes into my pores. I also let my husband use Black Mask and he observed same things too. Black Mask, helps tighten my skin. I’m happily satisfied with The their products.


?To Get the Complete Facial Formula? Of:
? Black Off Mask ? = Permanent Results.
Combo Full Facial Kit? Pack= N5,500✅ Save N4,000.